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New HSE Poster

We would like to draw your attention to a new poster from the HSE. Please view the link below:

BSIF Fit2Fit Event Invitation

                                                                          BSIF & Fit2Fit are delighted to invite you toThe launch of the BSIF Fit2Fit face fitting Companion Series for the HSE Guidance INDG 479 which will replace OC 282/28 The launch of the...

The BSIF Guide 2019

The guide is an industry must have offering a huge amount of pivotal industry information and articles designed to be used as a reference for those needing to know about safety. It also has some great information on the BSIF and contact details for all our members....

Fit Testing – What you need to know

Fit Testing – What you need to know

Many employers are unaware of their responsibilities when it comes to issuing RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) to their workforce, and in particular what their responsibilities are surrounding Fit Testing.  Fit Testing is a method for checking that a tight...